SR22 Insurance Texas

SR22 insurance Texas is a car insurance policy for a driver who provides proof of a valid car insurance cover. Individuals are required to apply and accurately fill in the SR22 insurance in Texas in the event their licenses are suspended for one reason or other.

The most common of these being: driving without auto insurance and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  A license can also be suspended if the driver is caught violating traffic rules. For such drivers, the only option for people that live in the state of texas of reclaiming back their licenses is by filling the SR22 insurance Texas form.

SR22 Texas refers to safety responsibility, and is given to high-risk auto insurance policy holders. Usually, this type of requirement is not included in normal car insurance policies.


What does SR22 mean?

This form or certificate is issued by Texas’s department of motor vehicles (D.M.V.)  confirming that a driver is financial stable and has valid insurance. It shows proof that your car is properly insured and is allowed to be on the road. This SR22 insurance Texas form is normally sent to the DMV by your insurance company showing your valid insurance liability.

The SR22 insurance Texas coverage requires minimum insurance coverage that each driver must meet. Currently, the State of Texas has set minimum liability coverage of $30, 000 for bodily injury or death of one person.The coverage increases to $60, 000 for more than one person involved in an accident. On the other hand, the minimum liability coverage for property damage has been set to $25, 000.


Terms of the SR22 Insurance Texas

Under the SR22 insurance Texas requirements, you must maintain the insurance for a period of 2 years. This is a must if you want to retain your driver’s license. However, if your insurance policy is nullified or expires before the end of 2 years, your insurance company notifies the Department of Public Safety, which then suspends your license.

Filing the SR22 insurance Texas is simple since you can request for assistance from your auto insurance company. You can also ask your insurer to submit the SR22 form on your behalf. The majority of companies charge their clients a one-time payment of $ 20. If you are planning to fill out an SR22 form, enquire from your insurance company whether or not they provide SR22 Texas insurance.

Dui and SR22 TexasThe reason for this is that not all insurance companies have such a policy in place. If they are not providing, then you have the option of obtaining SR22 insurance Texas quotes from multiple companies. Obtaining more than one quote allows you to compare the fees, thus choosing the one that is most affordable.

Texas places tougher penalties for drivers violating the responsibility laws. For instance, if you are caught driving with a suspended license you will be charged between 175 and 350 dollars for a first offence. Subsequent offences carry a fine of 350 to 1000 dollars. You also risk losing your license and automobile. Applying for SR22 insurance Texas is a sure way of keeping off trouble.


How would I know if I need to get SR22 Insurance here in Austin, Texas?

SR22 is a form or certification mandated under the Financial responsibility laws of Texas (and most states, as well). This gives proof that individuals who has had their driving privileges suspended due to an unsatisfactory driving history, has been reprimanded for driving a vehicle or getting involved in an accident without carrying proper auto insurance, reckless driving, has incurred too many driving violations within the span of a year, has been arrested or convicted for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), also known as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).

So if you got your drivers license revoked due to any of the reasons mentioned above, and you live in one of the states that require SR22, then this is how you will know when you need to get an SR22 insurance form and policy. You would also need to continuously maintain your insurance coverage for at least a couple of years to avoid future penalties and coverage problems.

To get the best SR22 insurance in Austin (Texas) rates and Policies, we recommend using the free car insurance search tool that can be found on this website. Using this tool can give you access to the most competitive rates and offers available and allows you to compare these offers coming from a wide variety of insurance carriers, greatly increasing your chances of getting the best kind of policy fitting your needs.


A case of DWI / DUI

Question – Yesterday after returning from a party at my friend’s place, I was held for drunk driving. Please give me guidance for drunk driving insurance

Response – I can understand that at this time the legal problems are the highest in your mind. Seoncly the biggest question on your mind is of drunk driving insurance rates. Unfortunately, a drunk driving conviction can cause your auto insurance carrier to  increase your car insurance rate and sky rocket it. Some insurance companies will go to the extent of canceling your policy altogether. Here are some of the steps to guide you for drunk driving car  insurance.

Insurance companies calculate their rates using risk factors – the higher the risk of a claim, the more they rate and the higher the premium they charge. With car insurance, your driving record has the maximum impact on your auto insurance premiums. The number of tickets, accidents, and unfortunately, DUI / DWI arrests you have had will all be considered when your car insurance company is calculating how much to charge for your policy. DUI, DWI is high risk auto insurance.

Many drivers arrested for DUI / DWI wonder if they`re obligated to report a drunk driving arrest to their insurance company immediately. You`re under no obligation to do so unless you are convicted in court or have your driver`s license suspended in a motor-vehicle department administrative action. However, once this is done if you do not inform your insurance company about it, the same.

A DUI / DWI conviction can impact more than your car insurance rates the company that provides your homeowners` insurance can also increase your premiums after learning about a drunk driving conviction. Because of this, it`s imperative to consult with an experienced insurance professional who is knowledgeable about DUI / DWI convictions after any drunk driving arrest.

You will likely be required to file an SR22 insurance, or formal certificate of insurance, after a DUI / DWI conviction or administrative license suspension. Unfortunately, because SR22 forms are required only after a drunk driving arrest, submitting one to your insurance company is like announcing your DUI / DWI arrest over a loudspeaker. However, a company that specializes in helping those with driving under the influence arrests to find affordable insurance understands exactly what you`re going through.

Unfortunately, a DUI / DWI conviction will continue to impact your car insurance rates for as long as 10 years. Other items on your driving record, such as speeding tickets, will have a shorter “washout” period, but a DUI / DWI conviction will remain and affect your premiums. You better have to get a.s.a.p. an SR22 insurance Texas bond.